What we do:

The Elsie Shaw Scholarship Fund supports families and children with disabilities in Wisconsin attend the annual Circles of Life Conference.  We will take obstacles away from individuals so that they can attend.  This year we will be renting two buses to bring families from low income areas of Milwaukee who have children with disabilities to Stevens Point.  Generally we provide assistance for hotel rooms, conference fees and transportation.  However if there is something that is preventing someone from attending we will take car of that cost.  In the past that has included hiring someone to milk the cows on a Family Farm, the ferry ride from Washington Island to the mainland of Wisconsin and countless other things to assure that everyone who would like to attend the conference has the opportunity to do so.

How we are funded:

Porcupine Auction

The major fundraising effort is done annually at the Circles of Life conference. This is the annual porcupine auction, where businesses and individuals donate items that are than auctioned off to raise funding for the scholarship fund. Annually this event raises an average of $4,000 that is used in direct scholarships.

Scrubby Sales

Ruby Shaw learned how to make scrubbies several years ago. She would donate them to non profit organizations to sell to raise money for their causes. Her sister Jesse McDowell, prior to her death, would make scrubby holders. These scrubbies became so popular that Ruby would make them and her son John would market them using the money raised for the scholarship fund. Over the past several years thousands of dollars have been raised by the sale of scrubbies and scrubby holders. Recently Ruby’s daughter has started to make scrubbies which will keep the family tradition alive

Private Donations

Many individuals, corporations and organizations have donated to the Elsie Shaw Parent Scholarship fund over the years either financially to the scholarship fund or through a donation of an item for the Porcupine Auction. You too can donate to the scholarship fund.  Your contribution is tax deductible since the Elsie Shaw Parent Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)-3 non profit organization recognized by the Internal Revenue Service.  To find out how to contribute click on the donate button.

John Shaw’s Dairy Best Bike Ride

On the second Saturday in September the Elise Shaw Scholarship Fund hosts John Shaws dairy best bike ride.  For a small registration you can go for a bike ride on the bike trails of Madison Wisconsin.  Afterwords you will be able to enjoy a small meal and ice cream provided by the Sassy Cow Dairy.  This is a fun fundraiser the the whole family can be part of.  Next year the date is September 14th and the location is the Green Lantern restaurant and bar in McFarland, WI.  See you there.