Would you like to help the Elsie Shaw Parent scholarship fund? Here is an easy way to do that. This year we will have two auctions. An online auction and an auction at the conference itself. This will hopefully allow people to donate items to the auction which will be used to raise funding for the helping families attend the Circles of Life conference.

So how will this work? Simple, if you are attending the conference please bring an item that can be used for the live auction at the conference. The item will be put into the porcupine auction where individuals can bid on that item.

If you are not able to attend the auction, rather than send an item to me, keep it take a picture and send the picture to me. We will set up an on line auction and people can bid on your item. Once someone has won the item we will tell you who to send the item to and where to send it. We are hoping that this will allow people who are not able to attend the conference to participate.

If you have questions about this process please send me an e ail at john@elsieshaw.org